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EXECUTIVE - B.3 - Medina First


Dallah Taibah
Swissotel Hotel – Makkah




Air Travel Info

Round Trip Airfare: JFK-MED-JED-JFK. 

Med.Jed by VIP luxury Air-Conditioned Buses. 

Depart Dates : August,      01 -  2019

Return Dates : August,      17 - 18

Hotel Accommodation

3 Nights Accomodation in  Dallah Taibah 

4 Nights in Swissotel Makkah - Makkah

5 Night of Manasik: August 09 - 14

No Access to your Room During Manasik  

Program Itinerary:

3 Nights Accomodation in Dallah Taibah

4 Nights in Swissotel Hotel - Makkah

5 Nights of Manasik: August 9 - 14 in Our VIP Private camp in Mina - Mena

1 Night Tarwiya Day spent at Alharam VIP Camp Mina ( front of jamarat)

1 night Arafat/ Muzdalifa

3 nightsStay in Alharam VIP Mina camp in front of Jamarat

Stay in Jeddah for 2 or 3 night in a 5 star Hotel acording to your departure

Depart to home - August 17 - 18

Hajj Accommodation

. Accommodation at Mina in VIP AC tents in front of the Jamaraat.

. Daily meals and cold drinks served during days at Mina and Arafat.

. Accommodation at Arafat in tents near to Jabal Al Rahmah Serving Breakfast, Lunch, Fruits and Refreshments.

. All transportation in by VIP Private air-conditioned buses during the days of Hajj.

Accommodation Arrangement

This package will have Double, Tripple, Quad.

Also included in package

Package Meal Plans:

In Madinah:
  • Open buffet Breakfast and Dinner will be served daily
Mena and Arafat:
  • Mena -open buffet Breakfast, lunch, and Dinner will be served daily
  • Arafat- Open buffet Breakfast and Lunch. Dinner lunchbox provided for Muzdalifa. 

Hajj Building:

( None )


  • Transportations in the Manasik between Mena, Arafat and Muzdalifa will be by the Train which reduces the traveling time to 13 minutes.
  • Transportation between Makkah and Madinah will be in our luxury Air-Conditioned buses.
  • Mazarat (sightseeing) to historic sites in Madinah.

Alharam Exclusive Services:

  • Modern luxury air-conditioned buses for all transportation.
  • Meet and assist by professional staff in Jeddah Airport and Madinah Airport.
  • Professional staff will be assisting and serving you throughout the trip.
  • Our staff will handle your luggage in Saudi Arabia (Collection, Transfer from city to city, and storage) to give you a hassle free trip.
  • Educational Seminars will be offered in the USA and Saudi Arabia.
  • Educational reading materials will be distributed in different Languages (English, Urdu and Arabic).
  • English speaking Group Leaders will be with you throughout the trip.
  • Barbers will be available in our Mena Camp.
  • English, Arabic, Urdu, Farsi, Pashto, Punjabi, and Bengali speaking guides and Scholars.
Alharam Complimentary Gifts:

. All Hujjaj receive a free Hajj and Umrah Guide book.

. Free Ihram for Men.

. Free Scarf for Sister's.

. Prayer rug for women will be given in Saudi Arabia.

. Zam Zam Water will be given before departure.

. Al Alharam Hujjaj recieve an Visible Picture Id Pouch.

. Saudi Sim Cards with a local Saudi Number will be given in Saudi Arabia if permitted by the Saudi government. (One per person).

The package price does not include:

Hajj fees $490, Qurbani $175.

Documents handling and mailing charges.

Return FedEx services.

Prices are based on Egypt Air. Extra charges may apply for other airlines.

Domestic flight to International gateways not include.

Personal expenses (anything not included in the tour itinerary such as extra meals.

Package prices may change without prior notice.

Package is nonrefundable.

If you performed Hajj in the last 5 years, the Ministry of Hajj will charge a Hajj Visa fee ($535)

Hajj fees (about $500.00), VAT Taxes and Municipality taxes to be determined by Saudi Government and to becollected before departure

Pre-Hajj Preparation included in Package

. Educational Seminars will be offerd in the USA and Saudi Arabia.

. Educational reading materials will be distributed in different Languages ( English, Urdu and Arabic ).

. English speaking Group Leaders will be with you throughout the trip.

. On Site Seminars and Learning Sessions conducted prior to departure.

. Live Online Seminars and Learning Sessions will be conducted for those un-able to attend.